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  • Wiraka - The Professional Choice
  • Wiraka and QBSF
  • Warier Chinese 8 Ball Table New (Gold Royal)
  • Wiraka - The Professional Choice
  • Wiraka Chinese 8 Ball Table New (Royal)
  • GZE 2014 - Hanisworth, Wiraka, Peter Gilchrist

Our Services

Table Services 
Every player enjoys a good game on a quality table. Hence, it is important to maintain and properly care for them to ensure the durability and playability. Whether you are replacing a worn out table cloth or moving the table to better  playing area. Wiraka is able to assist you with your needs on the followings: 

• Install new table 
• Assemble and/or disassemble table to a new location 
• Balance, re-level, re-seam of new/old table
• Replace wear out parts – cloth, rubber cushions, snooker pockets, etc 

Cue Services 
Most players will regard their cue stick as their prized possession. Keeping it in a tip top condition gives the player the confidence and assurance in every game. Wiraka provides cue maintenance services such as: 

• Cue tip installation
• Ferrule installation 
• Shaft care and cleaning
• Cue/wrap care and cleaning 

Interested to set up a saloon? 
Wiraka has provides professional advices to many saloons owners on the dos and don’ts. Share with us your vision and see it come to reality!